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Turner & Jacobs Construction Co.
11167 Ables Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
Phone: 972.488.8868
Fax: 972.488.1990
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Who is Turner & Jacobs?

Turner & Jacobs Construction Co. is a General Contracting company specializing in commercial interior construction and believes that it takes a great team to build a great project. We strive to become a team with the Architect, Owner, and Tenant to enable us to make your plan become a reality.

T&J incorporated in 1998 as a result of the split off of the interior division from Abstract Construction Company. T&J represents 20 years of experience in interior finish construction. We have been successful because we do what we promise and deliver top quality work to our clients. We have built our company on meeting tough schedules, controlling costs, and making our customers happy in the process.

If you have minority needs, we recently formed a minority, woman owned partnership that has a common ownership and management with Turner & Jacobs - TurJac Construction. TurJac Construction is a limited partnership that is HUB and NCTRCA certified.


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